wtorek, 22 lipca 2014

Story of N.L.S.

Well.. today pass a year since I came back from Glasgow where I was living for 6 months. I was riding bike when I get some reflection time. Glasgow wasn't a bad place to live in fact I really enjoy to be there, but there was one element that nearly killed me mentally. It was a person that I can call now as a "energy vampire". Day by day, every minute inside the house was like never ending prison without windows or doors. Effect of this kind of life was like loosing everything, I couldn't do anything for fun or creative.

Now I think that I should to tell about it and why I didn't show up here for a very long time.

Years before my moving to Scotland wasn't better either and I was alienated from many people, felt unhappy or even unwanted in world. in some way I though that I make others hurt with no reason and I'm just hopeless case.

But right now I'm glad to say that almost all those feelings are gone and I'm in piece again. Yet still I'm going to continue my plans with body modifications because still I don't like my body. I plan to do it in very little steps and in time but i want to do it well and also i want to acquaint with them step by step to be sure that makes me feel better.

And now the most important thing that I'm pleased to say is - even if i still feel badly when i look in the mirror I'm truly happy with person that stand by me and I'm thankful to destiny that it put us back together after 4 years. I needed 4 years to meet Him again and finally speak face to face. Now I know that I was just stupid  that I left Him. I've never in my life meet second person like He is.
He makes me feel good and helps me to accept myself as I am now. Also He accept me in whole way with understanding. That means a lot to me because I'm not an easy person to live with.

Now we are fine and really happy.
We can do what we love together, photosessions with our style, clothes, accessories and many more.
Now we started our little store and I'm glad to share it with you here:

Now you know everything, so stay tuned and see you soon :) 
I'll be more active here now! 

poniedziałek, 3 marca 2014

Dark Asylum - Częstochowa

It's been a while since I was here.. but as I promised in my last post - it's a return :)
So at first I want to tell you if you want to follow me more often than just here, now you can find me at my Facebook Page:

or if you wish at Tumblr :)

And now the most important thing that I wanted to share.
I'd like to invite you to Dark Asylum /Electro Night vol.I/ in Częstochowa (Poland) - 15.03.2014 in  
Subbasstudio, Music&Art Project (Adress: Al. NMP 51).

We offer you  Drum n` Bass, Dark Electro, Synthpop, EBM and many more! DJ's for this night - My fiance ALEX and 2FACE , also at this party you can watch art of Magdalena Królik. :)

Also as a  surprise fot this night something for fans of X-Fusion and Noisuf-X --> STOPPENBERG!  

More here:

See you there! ;D

niedziela, 13 maja 2012

New Artbook

Like in title...
but now it's for serious.
I'm going to working harder and nuch better than for the first one. This is one thing that I want to do right now and it's so important to me. Something that with little help of my friends will be very good and I hope that will be one thing I will be proud of. I will do my best! :)
So.. keep your fingers crossed!

wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2012

S.O.R.P. Films

Well, do you like goth culture? No? Because goths are not normal people without sense of humor?
Hard to say but you are so wrong about that ;D

Let me show you... The S.O.R.P. Films!

S.O.R.P. Film was created by Zachary Byron Helm and group focuses on making short movies full of parody, specific humor, goths and zombies. 
If you want to know more about the group or watch movies, see the official page:

Or find it on: YouTube 

My first movie that I watched was "Emo Assault Squadron" and then I started to follow next productions.
Soon "The League of Extraordinary Industrial Retards" became one of my favourite one, because it's important to can laugh at yourself ;P

If you like it you can support the group in many ways and help them to making new movies!
More info HERE



piątek, 17 lutego 2012

1% Podatku

Kochani, mam do was ogromną prośbę - przekażcie zdjęcie zamieszczone poniżej rodzicom lub znajomym, a może sami też będziecie mogli przekazać 1% podatku, którego Radek bardzo potrzebuje, by w pełni przejść rehabilitację.

Jeśli zdecydujecie się na przekazanie, to nie jest to nic trudnego:
W PIT należy wpisać Fundacja Jaś i Małgosia oraz KRS 0000127075,
w rubryce "cel szczegółowy" należy wpisać #71 Radosław Bednarek.